The Young Winchesters

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Welcome to sn_flashback!

This is a community for the CW TV series Supernatural, before the pilot takes place. That is, before Dean shows up at Stanford and snatches Sam away to find their Dad.

There have been flashbacks in the series and the Winchesters are totally adorable as kids- And since there are currently so many mysteries around them, it will be fun to speculate their past.

To keep this place orderly and peaceful, I have made some rules (nothing new, really).

1. All genres of fanfictions are welcome (gen, slash, het etc.) so long as they include at least one of the Winchesters (Dean, Sam, John and Mary). As it is in the name, present stories that contain flashbacks also are good.

2. All posts should include applicable warnings (incest, underage, etc.), as well as spoilers. Please keep them clearly labeled so no body gets hurt.

3. All other posts regarding pre-series Winchesters are welcome (graphic/icons, discussions, request/recs, questions, etc).

Finally, no flames. No troubles.

Have fun!

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