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[FIC] Kin & Keeper

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May. 25th, 2014 | 11:59 am
posted by: steeplechasers in sn_flashback

Title: kin & keeper
Author: steeplechasers
Characters: Dean, Sam, John; Lisa, Ben, Castiel
Genre: Memory Play; Romance; H/C; Canon AU
Pairing: Sam/Dean; Dean/Lisa
Warnings: discussion of canon character death; child abuse and neglect; sexual content
Rating: R
Word-count: 107k
Note: This story assumes Sam is never raised from Hell after 5.22, whether by Cas or anyone else.
Summary: On May 5th, 1983, an infant boy is carried for the first time through the doorway of a house in Lawrence, Kansas.

This is Dean’s first memory of his brother. There are others. They are vivid, angry, and relentless—and now, six months after Sam’s leap into Hell, they are coming to him with alarming frequency. He’s trying his best to live the easy apple-pie life he swore himself to, but the more he remembers, the harder it gets to ignore Sam’s shadow filling up the corners of Lisa Braeden’s house. What’s worse, he has no idea what the onslaught of these memories portend—or in what ways they will change him.

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